Friday, July 6, 2012

Steve Poizner and UCLA Extension in Joint Online Venture

Many blog readers will remember Steve Poizner, the former California insurance commissioner who ran for the Republican nomination for governor unsuccessfully in 2010.

The Wall St. Journal reports that he has a joint venture now with UCLA Extension to provide online education: A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the University of California are combining ready-made software, rented Web services and Apple Inc.'s iPad tablet computer in a high-tech effort to bring career training to baby boomers looking to upgrade their skills. Empowered Careers last week began enrolling students in 10 certificate programs to be taught by instructors at the UCLA Extension, the continuing-education arm of the University of California, Los Angeles. The programs target areas—such as patient advocacy, health-care management and new media marketing—that are expected to generate job growth…

Poizner had an earlier educational venture that had mixed results:

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