Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Hotel: It's Twins!

UCLA's Plan C for the hotel/conference center and the July Regents meetings has now been released.  It's basically Plan B - the version prepared for the March Regents meeting - with different text.  Here's the thing: As long as it's a 250-room hotel (or whatever euphemism is used to avoid the word hotel), it has the same flaw.  How are you going to fill up all those rooms without taking commercial business?  And if you start taking questionable business, the local commercial hotel owners have every incentive to call the IRS.  Of course, any occupancy rate can be assumed for spreadsheet purposes.  But when deficits appear, campus resources will be used to fill the gap.  The blending with other facilities such as Lake Arrowhead is still in the new plan but toned down.  However, ultimately everything is blended with everything with regard to campus resources, whether stated overtly or not.

When deficits occur, just saying it won't be state money that will be the backup is not enough.  University resources from somewhere will be used, and thus will not be available for something else.

You can find Plan C at: 

If only they were not so similar:

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