Sunday, July 8, 2012

The 250-Room Whatchamacallit is Back on the Regents Agenda

The Regents’ agenda for the July 17-19 meeting is now posted.  The UCLA hotel/conference center is back on the agenda as item GB2.  It is now called a “conference and guest center.”  

UCLA still is in denial that a 250-room establishment is a hotel.  Perhaps it should be called a No-Tel in view of the denial.  The material the Regents will consider is not attached to the agenda in keeping with no tell; at least it is not attached as of 9:30 AM today but the link is:

Other items of interest: As expected, the proposal for tuition is for no increase as a result of certain elements that were part of the state budget adopted last month.  See earlier posts on this blog and:

The full agenda is at:

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