Monday, July 9, 2012

Questions Raised About Parking Reimbursement for Proposed UCLA Hotel/Conference Center

The proposed UCLA hotel/conference center would involve demolition and removal of the parking spaces of parking structure #6 (shown at left).  UCLA policy is to reimburse the parking service for such demolitions.  In the UCLA case, however, the planned reimbursement seems over $10 million less than policy would require.  Parking expert Prof. Donald Shoup - author of the acclaimed book "The High Cost of Free Parking" - examined the planned reimbursement and has questioned the proposed reimbursement on behalf of the UCLA Faculty Welfare Committee, a committee of the campus Academic Senate.

The Faculty Welfare Committee's minutes for the June 12th meeting have now been made public.  You can find a link below  to the basic minutes and to an attached list of questions raised by Prof. Shoup.  It should be noted that the position of the Academic Senate is that  while Planning and Budget ok'd the (revised) hotel business plan conditionally, issues remained about parking that needed resolution.  That resolution has yet to occur.  Hence, it cannot be said - although some may claim it - that the Senate has endorsed the project.  In fact, the issue remains open and unlikely to be resolved by the July Regents meeting. 

You can read the minutes of the Faculty Welfare Committee and the Shoup questions at the link below:

There are so many questions:

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