Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Happy Fella

In a June 29 report to the Regents, President Yudof recounts the impact of the new state budget on UC and notes other issues still pending at the legislature.  Presumably, all of these developments will be reviewed at the upcoming Regents meeting later this month. [Thanks to David Lopez for passing it along.]

The Yudof report praises our friend in Sacramento (governor+legislator) for fiscal beneficence.  When you consider that we froze (or the Regents are about to freeze) tuition today for a promise of $125 million in next year’s budget, you might think the praise is a bit effusive.  You might particularly have that feeling when you consider that UC is set up to lose $250 million this year if voters don’t approve the November tax initiative and the trigger is fired. 

The report can be read at:

Perhaps all the praise for Sacramento is on the theory that flattery will get us somewhere.  So let’s hear it!

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