Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Numbers Game Mainly Over for November Ballot Propositions

The legislature and Governor Brown succeeded in getting the governor's tax initiative at the top of the ballot (as Prop 30).  There is still some litigation on the numbering issue going on but below is the likely listing you will see in November:

Prop 30 - Gov. Jerry Brown's tax increase plan
Prop 31 - State budget process changes
Prop 32 - Ban on payroll deductions for political contributions; ban on contributions to candidates from unions and corporations
Prop 33 - Auto insurance rates based on driver's history of coverage
Prop 34 - Death penalty repeal
Prop 35 - Increased penalties for human trafficking
Prop 36 - Changes in "Three Strikes" sentencing law
Prop 37 - Labeling of genetically engineered foods
Prop 38 - Molly Munger's tax increase plan
Prop 39 - Increased taxes on some multi-state companies to fund clean energy programs
Prop 40 - Referendum on state Senate district boundaries

An earlier post on this blog had summaries of the various propositions.  As noted, what is now Prop 32 will be a magnet for union contributions in opposition to the third "paycheck protection" proposition to appear on the state ballot since 1998.  (The first two were rejected.)  That magnet could draw away campaign funding for the governor's Prop 30.  Possibly, there could be a combined campaign: Yes on 30; no on 32.  If Prop 30 does not pass, there will be trigger cuts under the recently-enacted state budget that would cost UC $250 million.

An article on the numbering and the litigation thereon can be found at:

And as for the governor's top-of-the-ballot 30, Wikipedia tells us that "30 is the sum of the first four squares, which makes it a square pyramidal number."

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