Friday, August 6, 2010

Electronic Real-Time Signage for Santa Monica Bus to UCLA

The Santa Monica City Council is likely to approve real-time electronic signage that would indicate when buses will arrive. Improved bus stop shelters are included. Several Big Blue Bus lines serve UCLA. The proposal is described as follows:

"The Big Blue Bus (BBB) plans to implement electronic real-time signs and a mobile transit application, as part of its bus stop improvement project. These two systems will provide the public with several methods of accessing real-time bus service information. In addition, the systems will work seamlessly with BBB’s existing fleet management electronic infrastructure, as they will utilize the information from the BBB’s existing scheduling system to provide the public with up to the minute transit information."

Full proposal is at:

UPDATE: The proposal was approved. See:

Of course, not all rides on the Santa Monica Bus go smoothly:

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