Saturday, August 7, 2010

Furloughs in the Bank?

Here is an interesting question: What happens to furloughs at UCLA that weren't taken? For state employees (those under control of the governor - not UC), a decision has been reached that such untaken furlough days do not expire. They last indefinitely "in the bank." See:

Since employees who did not in fact take time off had their paychecks reduced nonetheless, it would seem that in the future they could take off days with pay for each untaken furlough day. (The pay reduction was previously taken from their paychecks so taking a day off would not reduce future pay.) If UC were to adopt the same policy as the state, the implication is clear for staff. But for faculty? Faculty do not work fixed hours except for scheduled classes. And they were not allowed to take classtime off. A typical faculty member continued his/her normal research, teaching, and everything else during the mandated furlough period. So what is the faculty entitlement regarding banked furloughs? Just asking.

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