Friday, August 13, 2010

Richard III Might Be Out of Luck at UC-Davis Thanks to Budget Cuts

From the Sacramento Bee:

A few horses munched quietly on feed Wednesday morning in a dusty pasture tucked away on the University of California, Davis, campus.

It was likely one of their last meals at the university's Equestrian Center before they're shipped to new homes as the center deals with heavy cuts to its funding.

"These pastures used to be full," said Julie Smith, the center's assistant director. "And now these are the stragglers that are left."

Loss of funding to UC Davis' department of campus recreation has meant cuts to the Equestrian Center, which opened in 1962 and has offered recreational riding lessons to students and community members since 1972.

The center offers space for students to board their horses. It features a 45,000-square-foot indoor riding arena where UC Davis' club riding teams host competitions.

Over time, the center has built a herd of 28 UC-owned horses used in riding lessons. That herd is now being dismantled, Smith said.

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