Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Road to Tenure at U of Michigan

Inside Higher Ed is reporting today on a decision of the U of Michigan Regents to lengthen the period to tenure:

10 Years to Tenure at Michigan (excerpt):

April 25, 2011, Dan Berrett

Professors at the University of Michigan could face a possible wait of up to 10 years for tenure thanks to a new policy adopted Thursday by its Board of Regents -- over the objections of faculty. The change to a university bylaw, as Michigan administrators are quick to point out, is not mandated. It gives schools and colleges at Michigan's campuses the option to extend the maximum allowable pre-tenure probationary period (including the terminal year) by two years, from the current maximum of 8 years to 10. In practice, each college and school sets its own policy through its governing faculty body, and this would not change…

(One) reason for the change, as cited… by the measure’s supporters -- particularly those from the medical school -- relates to the changing demographics of the professoriate. The growth in two-career and single-parent households -- coupled with longer postgraduate training periods -- has strained junior faculty who are trying to juggle personal and professional obligations…

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