Thursday, April 28, 2011

Budget Cuts are Good Things at UC-Davis

That's what UC-Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi says:

UCD chancellor says budget cuts prompt positive changes

"...UC Davis is facing a $107 million shortfall next year. While the budget pressure is difficult, Katehi said, it also creates opportunities for UC Davis to change in ways that will be beneficial, prompting professors to apply for more grants and the campus to increase the number of students it admits from outside California.

"I believe at the end of all of this, the university will be stronger after all of these changes," she said.

Katehi said she wants the campus to bring in more international and out-of-state students both because they bring in more tuition and because they bring more diversity to the school. UC Davis increased the number of out-of-state students it admitted for the fall by 57 percent compared with last year, and increased the number of international students it admitted by 84 percent. Together, the two groups of non-California students make up 13.5 percent of the students UC Davis admitted for the fall, up from 8.6 percent of admits last year.

Another impact of the budget cuts is that UC Davis is consolidating some services, such as payroll, accounting and IT, Katehi said. Other services that may be combined or eliminated include parking departments at the UC campuses in Davis and Sacramento, health services for students and staff and consulting services for employees' retirement planning...

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Yours truly just reports the news; he doesn't make it up.

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