Monday, September 15, 2014

UC Goings on This Week

Goings on back in the day:
President Saxon and the chancellors, 1982. Left to right: Daniel Aldrich, Robert
Huttenback, Julius Krevans, Robert Sinsheimer, James Meyer,
David Saxon, Tomas Rivera, Richard Atkinson, Charles Young, Ira
Michael Heyman.

Goings on this week - Wednesday, anyway - at the UC Regents:

Regents Wednesday Agenda (Sept. 17, 2014)

8:30 am                Committee of the Whole
Public Comment Period  (Likely comments on fossil fuel divestment)
Remarks of the Chairman of the Board
Remarks of the President of the University
Remarks of the Chair of the Academic Senate

9:30 am                Committee on Educational Policy
Includes discussion of sexual assault politices

10:45 am              Committee on Finance
Capital budget approval including some seismic upgrades at UCLA.  The item, if you read it carefully, notes that the sharp dichotomy between the general fund budget and the capital budget no longer exists.  UC can use general funds for capital purposes.  On the one hand, this change gives UC some flexibility.  On the other, it is a symptom of the state’s backing away from support to UC.

12:00 pm              Lunch

1:00 pm                Committee on Investments 
Basically, the agenda is a repeat of what went on in last week’s meeting of the committee, i.e., investment in green stuff/not divestment in fossil fuels, and earnings on the pension and other elements of the UC portfolio.

concurrent with    Special Meeting:  Committee on Investments
The Regents are to approve an investment vehicle for “innovations.”  It is unclear whether this item refers to the $1 billion for green investment or something else.

2:15 pm                Committee on Compliance and Audit
Included is a presentation by the Berkeley and UCLA chancellors on NCAA rules.  It is likely that this item has some connection to the various lawsuits on behalf of college athletes.

3:00 pm                Committee on Compensation (closed session)
Big buck salaries plus collective bargaining. 

3:30 pm                Committee on Compensation (Regents only session)
Yet more big buck salaries.

4:00 pm                Committee on Educational Policy (Regents only session)
Confidential personnel matter involving a UC-San Diego faculty member.

4:15 pm                Committee on Finance (Regents only session)
Lawsuits: There is a hint of some kind of settlement talks on the UCLA Japanese Garden affair.  There is an update on the O’Bannon college athlete case against the NCAA.  A case yours truly would guess involves the attempt by a UCLA faculty member to obtain admissions records related to Prop 209 and affirmative action seems to be on the agenda. There is also reference to a lawsuit in which San Francisco wants to collect parking taxes.  (City collecting taxes on a UC enterprise? Think UCLA Grand Hotel!)

4:45 pm                Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session)
Vague reference to personnel matters.

4:55 pm                Board (Regents only session)

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