Thursday, September 11, 2014

Delete after 1 year?

If you follow LA politics, you know that at the LA Unified School District, there is currently a scandal evolving about a contract to provide iPads to students.  The scandal focuses on some emails that were obtained by the news media as the result of public documents requests.  (The details are not important here.)  Suddenly, however, the school board endorsed a contract to erase emails after one year at a recent meeting.  Naturally, the deletion of public records itself has now become a scandal.*

Which brings us to the UC Regents and their policy of deleting the video/audio records of their meetings after one year.  The only argument we have been able to obtain for the policy is that the written minutes are retained.  However, minutes are not word-for-word transcripts and what ends up in them is itself determined by the Regents and their staff.

As blog readers will know, we have been laboriously recording and preserving audios of the Regents meetings on line that are not deleted.  But in the end, why is what the Regents do OK and what the LAUSD is planning to do a scandal?


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