Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Taped Together

Yours truly still has one of these which works (somewhat), vacuum tubes and all.
The LA Times ran a nice piece about a UCLA project to digitize and put on YouTube what appears to be a very large quantity of reel-to-reel audio tapes of lectures given at UCLA going back to the mid-1960s.  (I also found a radio broadcast from 1951 which includes Ronald Reagan.)

Oddly, the one bit of info left out of the piece was a link to find them.  So yours truly is happy to inform our blog readers that you can find them at:

You can find the LA Times article at:

There is a large array of types of speakers ranging from local politicos (e.g., Mayor Sam Yorty), state politicos (e.g., US Senator Alan Cranston), national politicos (e.g., Gerald Ford),authors (e.g., Ray Bradbury), entertainers (e.g., Carol Burnett), activists (e.g., Saul Alinsky), commentators (e.g., William Buckley), student protests (e.g., free tuition), scientists (e.g., Harold Urey), ceremonies (e.g., 1965 graduation including reference to opening of Pauley Pavillion - see link below), etc.

PS: You might notice the photo of the UCLA Japanese Garden in this video which pops up at around minute 35.  It also appears in other videos.  UCLA is currently trying to rid itself of the Garden, as blog readers will know.  Just saying.

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