Monday, September 29, 2014

Keep It Faculty Simple

In response to concerns about (generally student-on-student) sexual assault on campus, the legislature has enacted, and the governor has now signed, an "affirmative consent" law.*  Primarily, the response on campus will be focused on student orientation, student counseling, etc.  However, there has been a tendency in the past when the state mandates something for the university to come up with expensive online (and other) "training" programs.  [Does anyone follow up to see if the "training" has effects and what those effects might be?]

In this case, all faculty need is a simple "script" which can be emailed to all faculty members and kept posted on the dean of students' website.  The script should involve what a faculty member should say if a student tells the faculty member about a sexual assault.  Basically, the script should provide the appropriate contacts for such campus and other services as the UCPD, LAPD, student health services, and student counseling services, etc.: phone, email, location.  Please!  No hours long online multiple-choice training sessions!  No windfalls for commercial providers of such programs!


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