Saturday, September 27, 2014

Follow up on UCLA branding campaign

At least there's a nice shot of the soon-to-be demolished 6th Street Bridge in the accompanying video. (See below.)
Yesterday we posted an "optimistic" billboard from UCLA which is supposed to... what? ...promote donations?  There is an explanation on the UCLA newsroom website:


We dare: New UCLA brand campaign celebrates optimists everywhere

UCLA has launched “We, the Optimists,” a new iteration of the university’s highly successful, [Editorial note: Successful how?  It produced what result at what cost?] national Optimists brand campaign. [Editorial note: Did you know we had such a campaign?  If your answer is "no" and you are affiliated with UCLA, how many non-affiliated people could have been aware of it?] The marketing effort spotlights UCLA’s role as an engine of opportunity and progress, propelling action and change in Los Angeles and around the world.
The Optimists campaign, which launched in 2012, [Editorial note: If you answered "no" to our previous question, consider that the campaign has been going on for 2 years without your awareness.] initially focused on the accomplishments of UCLA icons who were trailblazers in their fields, from Jackie Robinson and Ralph Bunche to John Wooden and Francis Ford Coppola. [Editorial note: No women? Tsk. Tsk.] It has highlighted the institution’s world-class breadth and depth and the diversity of UCLA’s campus community, which mirrors the dynamic, multicultural metropolis of Los Angeles. The new iteration of the brand campaign will run for one year and is centered on the present, telling compelling stories of people and programs from downtown Los Angeles to Southeast Asia to the far reaches of the solar system.

Our latest alumni association member?

The new effort celebrates the transformative power of optimism, which in the context of the campaign means a relentless drive to excel, a refusal to accept the status quo and the belief that anything is possible.
Careful! Norman's heirs may sue us for copyright infringement
Leveraging UCLA’s role as a public university serving its community, We, the Optimists looks beyond the campus’s borders and invites people who are driven to live a life that matters to come together as a community of optimists.
What it's all about.
We can't end this posting without the video which we'll preserve here in case someone, someday takes the YouTube version down:

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