Saturday, April 21, 2012

Don't Do It!

Did you get a message like the one below in your email recently? Fraud.  Don't click on it.  Delete it.

Bruin OnLine is pleased to announce that we have increased size limits with several Bruin OnLine services. We have again increased your email quota to a final size of 1GB. Along with your email quota, message size limits have been increased to 35MB, with a per attachment size limit of 25MB. And finally, we also increased the file size limits of your online file storage. The original file size limit was doubled to now support 10MB files. Kindly log on to update your account  
Thank you.
Eugene Acosta

Note that the message does not actually come from a UCLA account (although it may appear to) nor does the link it invites you to click on take you to a UCLA address.

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