Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Money Due

From the Mercury News: UC Berkeley teaching assistants may be owed back millions of dollars in tuition and fees after an arbitrator sided with them in a Monday ruling. UAW 2865, or the UC Berkeley chapter of the Academic Student Employees at the University of California, filed a grievance against the university two years ago. In it, the union alleged that the university appointed hundreds of teaching assistants, including undergraduates, at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department at a part-time rate. Most were hired for eight hours per week.

This means, the union maintained, that the university avoided paying contractually mandated tuition, fees and child care to these employees because they were just shy of the 10 hour per week minimum to qualify. The UAW said the university owes them back at least $5 million in tuition and fees. On Monday, an arbitrator in the case ruled in favor of the union, ordering the university to retroactively pay back tuition and fee reimbursement to all the affected TA’s and graduate student instructors, according to UAW. The ruling also effectively stops UC Berkeley from continuing this practice of denying tuition reimbursement...

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