Sunday, January 19, 2020

More on the Regents' Agenda for the Coming Week

Below we highlight some of the planned discussions and actions of the UC Regents meetings scheduled for Jan. 21-23. We have already noted in a prior posting that there will be discussion of a multiyear plan for tuition increases.* The plan - actually two alternatives - is listed as an action item, i.e., a formal decision is planned. There are also planned increases for graduate professional programs involving law and other fields.

Jan. 21 (Tuesday)

Investments Committee:

"The Office of the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) managed $126.6 billion in assets as of September 30, 2019. The Office of the CIO will provide an in-depth review of all asset classes and investment products. The UC Entity assets are comprised of the Endowment ($13.3 billion), Pension ($69.7 billion), Working Capital ($15 billion, including Total Return Investment Pool with $9 billion and Short Term Investment Pool with $6 billion), Retirement Savings Program ($25 8 billion), Fiat Lux Insurance ($1.1 billion), and Blue & Gold Pool ($1.7 billion)."



Special Committee on Basic Needs:

S1 Discussion: Approaches to Supporting the Basic Needs of Parenting Students
S2 Discussion: Pre-College Basic Needs Outreach and Preparation
S3 Discussion: Update on Exploring Housing Insecurity Among University of California Students


Jan. 22 (Wednesday)

Full Board:

Public Comments

  • Remarks of the Chair of the Board
  • Remarks of the President of the University
  • Remarks of the Chair of the Academic Senate
  • Remarks from Student Associations

B1 Discussion : Strategic Campus Overview, Merced and Riverside Campuses
B2 Action: Approval of University of California Tuition and Fee Plan**
**Link to B2:


Academic and Student Affairs:

A1 Discussion: Exploring the Freshman Pipeline to the University of California
A2 Discussion: Graduate Education and the California Economy
A3 Action: Approval of Revised Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition Schedules for Six Graduate Professional Degree Programs and Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition for Four Graduate Professional Degree Programs***
***Link to A3:


Finance and Capital Strategies:

"The University is implementing UCPath to support payroll, workforce administration, and benefits services for more than 225,000 employees. UCPath provides a robust and secure infrastructure for functions and services unavailable in the legacy payroll system, such as online employee and manager self-service, workforce data and reporting, and online, telephone, and chat customer service channels. While these benefits are being realized immediately with each new UCPath deployment, other benefits are accruing as UC acquires more operational experience and deploys UCPath at remaining UC locations..."

Note: The UCPath report is mainly positive; no references to the major difficulties and costs of implementation are included.
Full UCPath report:

Note: In closed session, there are two UCLA items:

  • Amendment of Lease for Marina Aquatic Center, Los Angeles Campus:
  • Acquisition of a Mixed-Use Apartment Complex and External Financing, Los Angeles Campus




Approval of Market-Based Salary Adjustment for University Librarian, Los Angeles Campus, as Discussed in Closed Session


National Laboratories:

Discussion: Annual Report on Fiscal Year 2019 National Laboratory Performance Ratings (by the US Dept. of Energy)


Jan. 23 (Thursday)

Full Board, First Session:

The only item listed is Public Comments


Compliance and Audit Committee and Public Engagement and Development then meet. They are followed by:

Full Board, Second Session

We noted in a prior post that there is discussion planned of Title IX and faculty diversity, with reference to litigation:


Full agenda for the entire 3-days:

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