Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Listen to the Regents' President Search at UC-Riverside

The Regents' regular January meetings begin today. As usual, it will take time to download and archive the various sessions. However, after a delay, the link to the January 16 meeting of the presidential search committee at UC-Riverside was posted on the Regents' website. We have now archived it.

Unlike the search committee meeting at UCLA which had limited public comments and mainly scheduled testimony by pre-selected speakers, the UC-Riverside meeting was all public comments and no pre-selected speakers, except for some welcoming remarks by the chancellor. Topics covered by speakers in the public comments included access, affordability, pay for graduate student workers, resources needed for added enrollments, insufficient class offerings, UCPath, undocumented students, diversity, climate change and "green" issues, special problems of the Inland Empire, labor relations, tuition increases to be discussed at the January Regents meetings, outsourcing, Prop 209, student debt, low-income students, and special characteristics and needs of UC-Riverside.

As was the case at UCLA, there was not much discussion of the characteristics of the new president other than that the president should be sensitive to all of the above. For example, should the search focus on candidates with an academic background? As noted in comments on the UCLA search committee, the last time a UC president was selected, the Regents opted for someone with a political background, in part because of the special needs entailed in dealing with the then-governor (Jerry Brown).

You can hear the UC-Riverside session at the link below:

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