Thursday, January 2, 2020

Free Speech in Two Journals - Part 2

In a post last December, we noted the creation of a new free speech journal by the center created by UC prez Janet Napolitano. We also noted in that post an op ed challenge to diversity statements now being required for faculty personnel actions at UC that appeared in the Wall St. Journal by the chair of the math department at UC-Davis which was reproduced in UCOP Daily News Clips. Link to our previous post is at:

Now a prominent faculty member at the UCLA Law School has submitted a diversity statement - and published it on his blog - which seems aimed as a challenge the original diversity statement intent:

UPDATE: Response of UC-Davis to the Wall St. Journal op ed is at:

UPDATE: The Law School-related blog post was reproduced in the Wall St. Journal at:

UPDATE: Forbes has now run an op ed critical of diversity statements:
It was reproduced in UCOP Daily News Clips of 1-21-20.

UPDATE: The Hill has a critical op ed:

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