Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Student Editorials Will Help Regents Get Out of the Corner They Painted Themselves Into

We have noted that the Regents painted themselves into a corner regarding their strategy of having a "balanced" selection of a student regent.  See our  prior posts if you have not kept up with this issue. However, recent student editorials will help the Regents out of the corner when they meet next week:

From the Daily Cal:

Despite the controversy surrounding the appointment of student regent-designate nominee Avi Oved, we believe that the UC Board of Regents should still confirm him in July. But the occasion of his confirmation has shed a light on the failings of the UC student government elections process.

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From the Daily Bruin:

...As much as some students may be insisting otherwise, this conversation is not primarily about campaign finance. It’s about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it’s about divestment. It’s about Oved and where he has always stood in this debate. I’m tired of that conversation. It goes nowhere and gets nothing done...

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