Monday, July 14, 2014

Press release on Judge Cunningham case

It took yours truly awhile to locate the university statement on the Judge Cunningham settlement.*  But here it is:

University News

University of California and Judge David S. Cunningham III reach a settlement

July 11, 2014

Joint Media Statement

The University of California and Judge David S. Cunningham III today reached a settlement in the dispute arising out of a November traffic stop of Judge Cunningham by UCLA Police officers. Both UCLA, an educational institution committed to public service, and Judge Cunningham, a public servant and educator, have a mutual desire to use this as an opportunity to deepen understanding, raise the quality of police-community interactions and provide positive outcomes that enhance diversity and opportunity in our community. To those ends, UCLA and Judge Cunningham have agreed to a mutual release of any legal claims arising from the traffic stop. The release will be followed by:

-    A $150,000 payment by the University to Judge Cunningham and his counsel;

-    A one-day Community Forum/Day of Dialogue conference at UCLA Law School promoting discussion and dialogue around the issue of police/community relations, with emphasis on the issue of understanding diversity, bias, public engagement, racial profiling and effective strategies for ensuring equity in policing;

-    Continued training for all UCLA Police officers on issues including understanding diversity, bias, public engagement and use of force; and

-    Establishment of a $350,000 scholarship fund, “The David S. Cunningham, III Scholarship for Civil Rights,” administered by the UCLA Black Alumni Association, for the support of undergraduate or law students.

UCLA is committed to healthy relationships with the broader community and generating insight into the challenges of equity and justice that impact our diverse communities. Judge Cunningham is a distinguished jurist, lawyer and advocate for equity, inclusion and opportunity. Both parties are eager to use this as a teachable moment that provides greater insight into important issues, increased educational opportunities and improved relations between law enforcement and the public. This civic-minded agreement serves the best interest of the entire community and settles the matter to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.

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