Thursday, March 28, 2019

Not in a panic

Above and below: March 2019 PPIC poll, p. 9
Yours truly is always a bit skeptical about poll results regarding detailed state budgetary matters, since most folks don't focus on such issues. However, there has been so much drum beating on the issue of unfunded pension liabilities that the results above from the monthly PPIC (Public Policy Institute of California) poll are of interest. About a third of likely voters think pensions/retirement systems are a big problem, a third think they are somewhat of a problem, and a third think they are not a problem or admit to not knowing. (A special salute should be offered to the honest 10% who admit to not knowing.) Voters are roughly split concerning whether money should be allocated to paying down unfunded liabilities. (No respondents were asked if they knew what unfunded liabilities were.) Anyway, these results might be kept in mind by the Regents the next time the UC retirement system is discussed.

The full poll is available at:

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