Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Athletic Scandal Touches UCLA - Part 13

Janet Napolitano on college admissions scandal

(CNN) Alisyn Camerota

AC: I want to ask you about this college admissions scam as the president of a major college. There are, I think, at least two students who are embroiled in the scam at your school. So, first of all, were you -- you believe the level that this was at, that parents were willing to go and that coaches were apparently in on.

JN: You know, I was so angered when this case was revealed. At the University of California, we're a public university. We don't do legacy admissions, for example. We don't do donor-related admissions. But to have a [UCLA] soccer coach bribed, you know, that is just shocking and angering, and we're going back through and looking at our entire admissions process to see where there were any, you know, any breaks in how we do it and what if anything we need to fix or whether this was kind of an outlier.

AC: What do you think should happen to students who got in, who may not have known that they were embroiled in this?

JN: I think that's going to be on a case by case basis. You know, I think where the facts show that a student knew or should have known that they were getting in under false pretenses, then we ought to revisit their admissions and their status at the university.

Source: via UC Daily News Clips

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