Friday, January 13, 2017

Tamping down "problems"

What do we make of the recent announcement by UCOP that a Title IX official was being appointed at the systemwide level?

Excerpt: The University of California today (Jan. 12) announced the appointment of Kathleen Salvaty to fill the new position of systemwide Title IX coordinator, reporting directly to President Janet Napolitano in a role that will lead efforts against sexual violence and sexual harassment throughout the University. Salvaty, an attorney who most recently worked as Title IX coordinator at UCLA, will direct the University’s ongoing efforts to change the culture around issues of sexual violence and sexual harassment. This includes education, prevention, adjudication and sanctioning in such matters involving faculty, students and staff. In conjunction with campus chancellors and leaders at UC medical centers and labs, she will oversee local Title IX coordinators to ensure coordination, consistency and timeliness in implementing University policy...
Probably, the key words are coordination and consistency. At the campus level, the local procedures have caused results that have created "problems" for the UC prez. Examples include the cases of a history professor at UCLA and a dean at Berkeley. So tamping down such problems and controversies is probably the key goal. In addition, the incoming Trump administration is likely to produce dramatic changes regarding Title IX guidelines. Such changes could also create problems for UC. 
In short, what's wanted is:

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