Saturday, January 14, 2017


Electric vehicles are seen as the future of clean transportation, but they can also be used as energy storage devices, and that is the what the City of Santa Monica and UCLA have teamed up to test with the installation of an experimental Level 3 charger.
The charger offers the fastest vehicle recharge currently available on the market. The experimental part of the special charger is that it then connects the vehicle to the electrical grid as a battery storage device.
The test is hoping to show how EVs can be used as batteries to push electrons onto the grid in the event of short fluctuations in grid electricity, fluctuations likely due to limited solar output on cloudy days, and the like. A fast charger can fully charge an EV in less than half an hour, compared to typical Level 2 chargers, which usually take several hours (Level 1 charging requires the use of a standard plug)...

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