Thursday, January 5, 2017

Leaks from the Davis Chancellor Search

Someone is apparently leaking out confidential information from the UC-Davis chancellor search, which likely means that someone in the know is unhappy about the process:

Bob Dunning: Chancellor search falls victim to Mrakileaks

January 4, 2017 | Davis Enterprise

On Sunday in this space I noted that the top-secret process to select a new chancellor at UC Davis has now entered a critical phase, with 11 finalists for the job out of an original pool of 525 set to be interviewed later this month.*

I further noted that three of the 11 finalists were already employed at UC Davis and that all three were excellent candidates.

Well, given that the University of California Office of the President has gone to great lengths to keep this entire process from public view, top officials at UCOP headquarters in Oakland were not happy to learn that a mere peasant now knows there are 11 finalists and may even know their names. And, horror of horrors, has let the taxpaying public know what is being done in secret without their knowledge.

Turns out a high-level administrator involved in the search at UCOP fired a salvo via email at all members of the search committee that begins “As many of you have likely seen, the Davis Enterprise ran a story this weekend regarding the Chancellor search.”

A couple of things here before we go on. It was not a “story.” It was a column. Those of us who type for a living are very touchy about these things. And “the” should be capitalized before “Davis Enterprise,” just like The Ohio State University. Additionally, “Chancellor” should not be capitalized because it does not appear before the name of an actual person.

“The most troubling aspect of the article is that it included information that should only be known to members of the committee,” the salvo goes on...

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