Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The official UC position seems to be that the governor's January budget proposal for UC is consistent (with maybe a little adjustment) with what UC wants:

Governor Brown recently released his 2017-2018 budget proposal, which includes a 4 percent adjustment of $131.2 million for UC’s operating budget. In short, the Governor’s proposal is consistent with the funding framework agreement between the State and University. Moreover, the proposal reflects the progress the University has made in important areas such as enrolling more transfer students and lowering the cost structure of the University.

There is room for improvement, though, and advocacy between now and the May Revision will be incredibly important for the University. Looking ahead, we’ll need you, our advocates, to make your voice heard in Sacramento on key UC priorities, such as sustaining expanded access for undergraduate students, obtaining funding specifically dedicated for graduate student enrollment growth, and addressing our classroom needs.
Thank you for your continued support of UC. We are eager to partner with you as we strive to achieve our goals for accessibility, affordability, and excellence.

Very respectfully,

Nelson Peacock
Senior Vice President
Government Relations
University of California

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