Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Student Assistance This Summer

From EdSource: Hoping to coax students to graduate faster, the recently approved state budget infuses California’s two public university systems with a total of $10 million in financial aid for summer school classes. The money will help students afford classes in the summer that they were crowded out of or too busy to take in the regular school year.
The grants are aimed at low- and middle-income students who qualify for state-funded Cal Grants during the rest of the school year. The extra summer money is intended to supplement and not replace whatever university or federal grants students already receive.
But the two university systems have chosen very different timetables to spend the money. As a result, UC students will see the benefits this summer while CSU students will not start to receive the aid until next summer. The difference is partly based on the academic calendars of the two systems.
The 10-campus University of California will try to use up its $4 million financial aid allocation if possible this summer, officials said...

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