Saturday, July 13, 2019

Parking Under the 100-200-300 buildings

Arrow shows circular entrance to the underground parking
at the 100-200-300 buildings
Under the new UCLA parking system that went into effect on July 1, hang-tag permits are no longer required and the system is based on scans of license plates. There are no longer gates that have to be opened.

However, there remains the underground parking at the 100-200-300 medical buildings which 1) has a gate to get in, 2) opens the gate when the driver takes a ticket, and 3) normally requires payment using the ticket to get out.

Under the old system, parkers with UCLA permits would take the ticket to open the gate and then give the ticket and the hang-tag to an attendant to get out. Those with permits were entitled three hours of free parking.

So, how do you get out now that there is no hang-tag? The simple answer is that you tell the exit attendant that you have UCLA parking (they seem to like the phrase "e-permit") and then show an ID which has your UCLA ID number. That typically would be your Bruincard. The attendant will take note of your number and then open the gate.

Long story short, yours truly had occasion to try this arrangement last week and it worked. However, the exit attendant may be confused and need to ask someone else what to do. Note that there are other parking lots in the vicinity of the 100-200-300 buildings that have the new no-gate/license plate scan system and which won't require tickets and conversations with exit attendants. So you may prefer to use those.

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