Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Something to keep in mind on retiree health

Past blog posts related to retiree health care have noted 1) there was a plan to implement a form of privatized insurance in 2020 (that was cut back to apply only to Health Net),* 2) there was a hint from the powers-that-be that premiums on other policies would be substantially boosted in 2020,* and 3) CALPERS' health insurance premiums are not shooting up.**

Now we have an announcement from Covered California that there would be low premium increases for next year.***

In short, there is little evidence that health care costs in California are shooting up.

So let's put it this way. If indeed there is a substantial boost in premiums for UC retiree health in 2020, there will be questions as to whether the uptick is an effort to reduce resistance to total privatization.

Just saying.



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