Friday, July 26, 2019

Telescope: The View from Afar

Below is a set of links on the latest Hawaiian telescope news, reproduced from today's UC Daily News Clips:

Backers of Hawaii telescope tout benefits to humanity, jobs
(Associated Press) Audrey McAvoy
A giant telescope planned for Hawaii's tallest mountain will enhance humanity's knowledge of the universe and bring quality, high-paying jobs, supporters said Thursday, as protesters blocked construction for a second week.
But supporters also are impassioned about why they believe the telescope belongs on Mauna Kea, which has the best conditions for viewing the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere.
The telescope is expected to allow astronomers to peer back some 13 billion years in time to shortly after the Big Bang. It's expected to help astronomers determine whether life exists on planets outside the solar system and better understand fundamental concepts like gravity.
Related coverage:
Dozens of TMT supporters turn out for rally
(Hawaii Tribune-Herald) Stephanie Salmons
Telescope opponents reject reported deal, but Mayor Kim says there was no offer
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) Kevin Dayton
Growing anti-TMT petition delivered to California foundation helping fund telescope
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) Nina Wu
UPDATED: Kim clarifies that he lacks authority to intervene in TMT process
(Hawaii Tribune-Herald) Michael Brestovansky
Hawaii Island Mayor Clarifies Role in TMT Dispute 
(Hawaii Public Radio) Ryan Finnerty
Opponents of the Thirty Meter Telescope fight the process, not science
(Nature) Rosie Alegado
Hawaii Protest: Native Hawaiians in Palo Alto peacefully protest, show respect to group funding Thirty Meter Telescope (VIDEO)
(ABC7 San Francisco)

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