Thursday, July 18, 2019

Listen to the Regents' Basic Needs Committee: July 16, 2019

We now pick up our practice of preserving the audio of the Regents meetings since the Regents preserve their recordings for only one year. However, it takes time for yours truly to extract the audio, upload it, and provide some description. So there is always a lag.

On Tuesday, the special committee set up to study student basic needs met. There were no public comments. The first topic was student financial literacy. There are various programs at the campus level. Particular attention was paid to Berkeley's program. Anecdotes were told about student debt issues and need for budgeting when awarded scholarships. The meeting then turned to housing and food insecurity issues. A survey is being prepared on these concerns. Funding allocated in the latest state budget targeting these matters was noted.

You can hear the audio of the meeting at the link below:

or direct to:

UPDATE: A summary from the Daily Cal is available at:

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