Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Looking for a New Post-Katehi Chancellor at Davis

There's bound to be one out there somewhere.
The University of California Office of the President named a committee Tuesday to help find a new chancellor to replace Linda P.B. Katehi, who resigned last month as UC Davis leader under a cloud of controversy.
The search committee will help recruit, screen and conduct interviews with candidates. It will recommend a candidate to UC President Janet Napolitano in January for consideration, according to a press release. Napolitano will then make a recommendation to the UC Regents.
Besides Napolitano, the search committee includes:
▪ UC Regents Monica Lozano, Bonnie Reiss, George Kieffer, Charlene Zettel and Harvey Brody
▪ Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, also a UC regent
▪ Vice Chairman of the UC Academic Senate Shane White
▪ UC Davis faculty representatives Diana Farmer, Rachael Goodhue and Ari Kelman
▪ Oscar Dubon, a UC Berkeley materials science and engineering professor and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist
▪ Student Elly Oltersdorf
▪ Brian Riley, 2010-11 chair of the UC Davis Graduate Student Association
▪ Cal Aggie Alumni Association President Debby Stegura
▪ UC Davis department of chemistry administrator Jessica Potts
▪ UC Davis Foundation past president Mike Child...
Given what happened to the last chancellor, there may not be a long line of applicants. So it may take a thorough search:

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