Thursday, September 15, 2016

Listen to the Regents Opening Session of Sept. 14, 2016

The new format for Regents meetings involves concurrent sessions. That approach poses some issues for audio capture. (As we have noted many times, audio capture would not be necessary if the Regents archived their meetings indefinitely, rather than for only one year.) But we will soldier on. What we will do is break down the meeting into morning and afternoon sessions, upload the components, and provide links. We will provide text for each component as we are able to hear them.

So let's start with the opening (full board) session of the morning of Sept. 14. That session began with public comments. The comments included professional and regular tuition, sexual harassment including the UCLA Piterberg case, student participation in the chancellor selection process, post-doc pay and related union negotiations, student voter registration, and Title IX procedures. The comments segment was followed by remarks by UC prez Napolitano, mainly about accommodating the extra enrollment to which UC has agreed. Faculty rep Jim Chalfant noted that out-of-state enrollment - which has become a political issue - is necessary for budgetary reasons if the state underfunds UC. Finally, Napolitano reviewed various awards, recognitions, and deaths.

Link at:

There are actually 3 sessions at the link above. The first is the opening session described above. It is followed by the two concurrent sessions:
-Academic and Student Affairs Committee and National Laboratories Subcommittee
-Finance and Capital Strategies Committee
They will play in order. Or you can advance the opening session to its end and the second will play. You can advance the second to its end and the third will play.
You might find it easier to go to the source of the archiving at:

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