Friday, September 16, 2016

Listen to the Regents Afternoon Meeting of Sept. 14, 2016

We continue with our approach - given the new format of Regents meetings - of first putting up the audio archive and (eventually) providing a brief summary. The change in our approach is due to the concurrent sessions of various new Regental committees and also a change in the way the Regents temporarily post their recordings. Under their new posting approach, the Regents post on YouTube for one year. We download the audio in mp3 format using an online program. We then edit the audio. (Some recordings have lengthy silences before the committee starts or other anomalies which we remove. Then we post the results.

Below is the afternoon meetings of Sept. 14 which involved concurrent sessions of the Compliance and Audit Committee, the Governance and Compensation Committee, and the Public Engagement & Development Committee.

Click on the link below to hear them in that order:

Alternatively, go directly to the site where we have posted them as separate recordings at:

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