Friday, December 28, 2018

Got Grants? - Part 2

For NIH:

Applicants are strongly encouraged not to submit paper or electronic grant applications to NIH during the period of the lapse. will be open and can accept electronic applications. However, applications will not be processed by NIH until the eRA Systems are back on-line. 

Adjustments to application submission dates that occur during the funding lapse will be announced once operations resume.

NIH will not be able to conduct initial peer review meetings or advisory council review. When operations resume, those meetings will be rescheduled and the pending applications will be processed and reviewed as soon as possible.

No NIH grant awards will be processed for the duration of the funding lapse. For any awards processed before the funding lapse that have an issue date during the funding lapse, the awards will not be sent to the grantee on the issue date. Once operations resume, all pending Notices of Award will be sent. 

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