Friday, January 27, 2012

UC-Davis in the Post-Pepper Era

After the pepper spray incident at UC-Davis, the administration is apparently taking a hands-off attitude toward Occupy demonstrators.  From the student paper at Davis:

Blockades by Occupy UC Davis protesters have led to speculation that U.S. Bank may leave the Memorial Union (MU) if protests persist.  In the past week, protesters have blockaded the door to the bank eight times, according to a protester. These blockades have resulted in the early closure of the bank and involvement of campus police.  The closure of the bank could also mean the departure of funds for student activities.
“The occupiers claim they are working for students, but they are actually disrupting funding for the same services they want to be improved,” said ASUCD Senator Justin Goss.  Occupy protesters assert that the presence of U.S. Bank on campus is uniquely harmful because students may opt for the convenience of obtaining a high-interest loan there, rather than shop elsewhere. Ultimately, the protesters say that they want the bank closed.  Critics like Goss have called that notion “ridiculous” and believe it is the student’s responsibility to find the best loan…

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