Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Payroll System Coming: Maybe You Should Save Some Cash Just in Case

The Daily Bruin today carries an article about a new systemwide payroll system that is supposed to be installed in stages through 2013.  However, an initial phase is starting soon at UCLA:

Although details for the program are still being sorted out, the UCPath Project will essentially create a more simplified process for paying university employees than in the past.Proposed changes to the current system include standardized pay cycles among all 10 campuses. For example, all academic employees and postdoctoral scholars within the UC will be paid bimonthly. Temporary employees and health systems staff will be paid biweekly. Right now, UCLA departments follow different timetables for awarding payrolls, said Allison Baird-James, associate vice chancellor and controller.The first phase of the project will be implemented at UCLA and several other campuses in 2013 and will slowly integrate into the rest of the UC system over a period of three years. In addition, UCLA employees will see a streamlined biweekly payroll schedule in the coming months.

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Yours truly has some indications from those in the pit who are dealing with the transition that maybe all the hiccups have not been worked out.  Those living paycheck to paycheck might want to put a little cash aside just in case pay is delayed.


cloudminder said...

why do UC med get one third of the savings with the rest of the system getting some undisclosed portion of what goes back into the general fund?

is that b/c they anticipate layoffs in HR and IT will be higher among UC med personnel specifically?

did anyone do any research on comparisons in being paid bimonthly, biweekly etc.? if so it seems difficult to believe they would accept this?!

Jeffrey Lew said...

UCLA HR has a posting and FAQ about the proposed payday changes:

The DB article is inaccurate. Many employees will continue to be paid either monthly or biweekly as they are currently. The main group being changed are non-exempt staffers who are currently paid monthly. They will be transitioned to the biweekly schedule this April.

California Policy Issues said...

The article is accurate, however, in indicating that there will be a transition over time to a systemwide payroll and paycheck system.