Friday, January 13, 2012

Impending Sale of UCLA's Japanese Garden

Bette Billet passed along the item below:

A place of natural beauty and quiet retreat in the Los Angeles community of Bel Air for more than fifty years, the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden was designed by noted Japanese landscape architect Nagao Sakurai* in 1959. The beautiful hillside garden, one of the finest examples of Japanese gardens in America, evokes the gardens of Kyoto and was donated to the University of California in 1982. Its survival is now under imminent threat.

Although the University accepted this gift of this garden, including an endowment to help support its maintenance, the garden is now closed to the public. The situation has become urgent: before the end of January 2012, the University plans to sell the garden and the adjoining house after first removing valuable objects that are integral to the design of the garden...

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