Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It pays to have a med school

You can click on the table above to enlarge it. Or go to the link.* Health-related research accounted for more than half of the federal dollars spent on university science/engineering research. UCLA came in ninth among recipients in federal fiscal year 2015 (the latest year available).

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Chris Newfield said...

Dan your headline is misleading. It grosses to have a med school. It doesn't net (on federal dollars). (Med school net $$ is from clinical practice not research). see e.g.

The result is that in FY2013, the year UCLA announced it had grossed $966 m in R&D expenditures, $177 M of those were "institution funds," coming from the university itself (mostly tuition and state general fund revenue). So 18.3% of UCLA's research expenditures came from the university, to make something close to that size loss on the outside sponsorships. (How close those 2 numbers are is a complicated question I start exploring in the post linked above.)