Monday, July 31, 2017

The Stages of Admission at UC-Irvine

As word spreads of UC-Irvine's admissions boo-boo, the admissions officers seem to be going through stages. Yours truly has created a model:

The stages of admission at UC-Irvine (with apologies to Kübler-Ross):

  • Denial – The first reaction is denial. In this stage individuals believe the diagnosis that they won't get away with denying admissions due to over-enrollment is somehow mistaken, and cling to a false, preferable reality.
  • Anger – When the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue, they become frustrated, especially at proximate individuals. Certain psychological responses of a person undergoing this phase would be: But they didn't submit the right transcript
  • Bargaining – The third stage involves the hope that the individual can avoid a cause of grief. Next year we'll do it better.
  • Depression – "I'm so sad, why bother with anything?" We don't have space for them. In this state, the individual may become silent, refuse new interview, and spend much of the time mournful and sullen.
  • Acceptance – "It's going to be okay." We'll find room. In this last stage, individuals embrace the inevitable future.

So can we just get on with it?


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