Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Something to add to the Regents' To-Do list

A missing item
The Regents meetings start this afternoon with the investment committee. As usual, yours truly will be archiving the meetings indefinitely, since the Regents refuse to preserve their recordings for more than one year.

A lot of effort was spent getting one item - the 70% floor on retiree health - off the Regents' To-Do list. (See prior posts on this blog.) But one item seems never to make it on the agenda and that is starting a process to rejuvenate (revive?) the Master Plan for Higher Education. Others seem interested in some kind of rethinking of the 1960 Plan for the obvious reason that it is getting to be 6 decades old and the legislature seems to be changing it on an ad hoc basis. Yours truly called for starting such a process a couple of years ago:
Yesterday, columnist Dan Walters called the Plan "woefully outdated":
There are undoubtedly many different views on what a new Plan might contain. But if the Regents don't start the ball rolling, who will?

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