Saturday, February 29, 2020

UC-Davis seems to be calmer than the scary headline

While the headline is scary, the text of the article below suggests most folks at UC-Davis are going about their business.

‘Nervous for my life.’ UC Davis campus on edge as it waits for student’s coronavirus test

Sawsan Morrar, 2-29-20, Sacramento Bee

...Very few students were wearing masks Friday on the campus of nearly 40,000, one day after health officials announced that a student there had shown “mild symptoms” of coronavirus. The student and two others living in Kearney Hall have been placed in isolation. The student being tested has a runny nose and a cough after potentially being exposed to someone with coronavirus, officials said. The individual is in isolation at a home off campus. The two other individuals in isolation were on campus, and are not showing signs of the virus, according to university spokesman Andy Fell. University officials said they don’t know for sure when test results will come back on the student showing mild coronavirus symptoms.

Angel Garcia, 18, lives on the first floor of Kearney Hall – which houses mostly first-year engineering students but also has upperclassmen in residence – and said he is a close friend with one of the students who was placed in isolation. The two students in isolation were removed from the dorms and have been separated, he said. Garcia said he doesn’t know the roommate who is being tested for COVID-19 but has been communicating with his friend who was living in that dorm. Garcia said his friend has been in good spirits since the ordeal began Thursday. “He’s not freaking out,” Garcia said, declining to give any information that could identify his classmate. “He’s focusing on his studies and his upcoming midterms,” Garcia said. “I’ve been giving him notes from class.”

Garcia said many of his peers were taken by surprise when news broke on campus, but have generally tried to remain calm...

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