Friday, February 14, 2020

Diversity University

USA Today has a list of colleges and universities ranked by diversity. Diversity is defined as the probability that two randomly-selected students will come from different racial/ethnic groups.

UCLA shows up as #15 on the list, but in fact there is little difference among the higher-ranked institutions:
University of California-Los Angeles

• Located in: Los Angeles, CA

• Chance two random students are a different race, ethnicity, or citizenship: 78.5%

• Largest racial/ethnic group: Asian (31.6% of U.S. students)

• Undergraduate enrollment: 31,577

• Avg. cost of attendance: $33,751

University of California-Los Angeles, better known as UCLA, is one of three colleges among the 25 most diverse in which Asian students comprise the largest racial or ethnic group of the American undergraduate population, at 31.6% of students. White students account for just over 30% of the population who are not nonresident foreigners, and Hispanic students make up 25%.

Though UCLA is a large state school, it has a fairly low admissions rate of 14%. No other college receives nearly as many applications. For the 2018-2019 school year, over 113,000 prospective students applied to UCLA, while no other school in America had more than 100,000.

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