Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What Could Possibly Go Wrong - Part 2

If you are a faithful blog reader, you will know that back about two months ago, yours truly posted about a planned conversion of the existing UCLA landline phone system to VoIP (which relies on the internet).* Yours truly wondered how well the VoIP system would work in an emergency such as the Big One, which would likely interrupt electrical power. Not to worry, he was told. It's all taken care of.

This morning, what should arrive but an email from Anderson, a complex which saw an early conversion to VoIP. Here is an excerpt:

Entrepreneurs Hall (C-Building) is currently experiencing a building-wide partial electrical power issue that affects internet connectivity (Data, Wi-Fi, VoIP telephones) to the network equipment in the C-Building. Building Services is working with campus facilities to restore power as soon as possible...

Old timers who experienced the 1994 Northridge quake will know that the landlines worked even though the entire region was without power.

Feel free to resume worrying.

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