Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Grad Student Strike at Santa Cruz - Part 9

We don't actually know what happened with regard to the grad student/TA strike at UC-Santa Cruz. There was a deadline for firing of grad student TAs as of Friday midnight. Did it happen? Did most TAs turn in their grades, as one prior report indicated? Local news sources are silent.

In any event, UC prez Napolitano issued a statement late Friday:

UC President Napolitano’s statement on her invitation to meet with the Graduate and Professional Council

UC Office of the President, Friday, February 21, 2020

University of California President Janet Napolitano issued a statement today (Feb. 21) following her invitation to UC’s Graduate and Professional Council to meet and discuss graduate academic and professional students’ concerns:

The University of California values the important work of our graduate students, who are essential to UC’s tripartite teaching, research and public service mission as a world-renowned university. UC’s graduate students are at the heart of the university community and yet face distinctive challenges that we can only solve by working collaboratively.

In the interest of pursuing a productive, meaningful dialogue about our shared concerns, I have invited leaders of the UC Graduate and Professional Council to join me for a meeting to discuss issues of importance and impact to graduate students, including cost of living, housing, mental health, training and mentoring, career placement, and childcare, among others.

UC believes progress on complex problems can only be achieved when we work together and engage in thoughtful discussion followed by a concerted plan of action. To that end, I look forward to listening to perspectives from the UCGPC, working to find solutions and moving forward toward the shared aims of ensuring the continued well-being and success of our graduate students systemwide.


UPDATE: According to a website maintained by the strikers, the strike continued past the Friday deadline. See Presumably more will be known tomorrow.

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