Thursday, February 6, 2020

Listen to the Regents' President Search Committee at UC-San Diego: Feb. 4

The final "town hall" session of the Regents' president search committee took place at UC-San Diego on Feb. 4. These town halls were apparently very much the brainchild of Board Chair Pérez, who - at the end of the session - provides his rationale for this approach.

During the session, after a greeting from the campus chancellor, various concerns were raised: climate change/green new deal, diversity, disabled students, pay for grad student employees, labor and union issues including pay, use of data to analyze L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+* issues, family-friendly workplace, sexual harassment, and undocumented students.

As we have noted, there is a difference between listing all of the issues that the incoming UC prez should deal with and the kind of leader the UC prez should be. Two grad students did get into the latter. One suggested that the person should have a PhD and be someone from outside the UC system. Another listed managerial abilities: organizational experience, ability to interface with elected officials with regard to the budget, and someone who values a positive working environment.

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