Friday, January 26, 2018

DOJ v. Berkeley

ICYMI: The Trump administration is jumping into the fracas over free speech at UC Berkeley.
The Justice Department on Thursday filed a statement of interest supporting two conservative groups who sued the school last year. The groups alleged that administrators and campus events policy unfairly hampered their ability to book right-leaning speakers like Ann Coulter and ultimately led to the events being canceled or modified... In its legal brief, the Justice Department took aim at the campus events policy, writing that the "allegations, if proven, would sufficiently demonstrate the high risk of viewpoint discrimination inherent in the Policies' grant to administrators of unchecked discretion over student-sponsored speech." ... In an emailed statement, Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof called the entire lawsuit "unfounded," adding that political views don't factor into who gets to speak on campus. "The campus is committed to ensuring that student groups may hold events with speakers of their choosing, and it has expended significant resources to allow events to go forward without compromising the safety or security of the campus," said Mogulof... 

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